Nancy is a 62 year old writer, teacher and soul care coach, married to Jim for 41 years.  They live in a beautiful wooded subdivision near Madison, WI. They have two grown children- Adam (daughter in love, Joanna) and Elizabeth and three delightful grandchildren – Nora 3, Audrey 2 and Jay who is 9 months.

Nancy has struggled with depression and will share with us how she is transitioning into a new place in life with her depression & healing.


What was the most difficult part about your transition?

Currently, I am working on the healing of depression which I have gone in and out of for the past 20 years.  I always thought that if I just did a little more or found the right medicine or the right therapist that I would be “cured”.  And I have finally discovered, that while my depression ebbs and flows, it is a part of me to embrace and learn about its gifts, which has been a huge transition.  I think acceptance has been the hardest part of my transition.


What did you find most helpful in this transition? 

This last fall, at a retreat, God met me personally with the verse, “Are you here for some healing?” from John 5:6.  I was so startled because that was exactly why I was there.  Over the course of the weekend, He continued to minister me personally, reminding me, “Daughter I know your name, “ and “You are blessed to be a blessing.”  I came away from that weekend much more healthy and whole as well as hopeful, knowing that God had me nestled in His arms.

That weekend has been a turning point in knowing health and wholeness in my depression. In spite of flares that may occur, God is right there, holding my hand, whispering in my ear, “Daughter I know your name.”  I am working on accepting that He’s the one doing the healing, leading and giving me hope.  I look for ways I can be grateful.  I don’t have to work so hard  or be frustrated when things don’t turn out the way I would like.  He is able and I am to rest in that.


What would you like to share with others going through this transition? 

I would encourage you in whatever reoccurring trouble you face to keep focused on the God who loves you more than you can imagine.  When I keep my focus on Him, I find the peace that passes all understanding.  It is a daily process and some days I certainly do better than others.

He reminds me that He has my right hand. For I hold you by your right hand— I, the Lord your God. And I say to you, ‘Don’t be afraid. I am here to help you. Isaiah 41:13.

Where is My Miracle?

Lord, I need your help!  I don’t know what to do.

My husband (ex now) had suffered another devastating bought of depression.  He had not been able to work for 9 months.  This was a crisis, without a doubt.  I did all that I could in order to put one foot in front of another each day.  I continued to pray, asking for a miracle.

I had no idea how we would be able to pay the bills again this month even though I was working 3 jobs now.  I had to trust God to provide for us in a way I had not had to before.

I wish this crisis had a happily ever after ….  the depression lifted but we continued to struggle. I did the best I could to obey the Lord and repay all that we had borrowed.

Eventually I was able pay off the mountain of debt we accumulated but it was not without 5 years of hard work. It would have been nice if the miracle had come and I didn’t have to pay the price of our choices.  That just isn’t how God works most of the time.  He did continue to be faithful.  I am thankful His presence was never absent in this crisis or the many more to come.

Psalm 37:21

“The wicked borrows but does not pay back, but the righteous is generous ….”

And God Comes Through in a BIG Way!

My laptop has just toppled onto the floor as my pug jumped barking off the chair we were sharing.  Oh man, please let it be OK was my first thought.

As I picked it up to look and see, I immediately shoot off a prayer, “Oh Lord, please let it be OK!”

It wasn’t OK, the screen was cracked.  Oh my gosh, that is not good.  Matt 6-26

It’s a touch screen laptop so the screen is important for more than just seeing what is happening.  Upon closer examination, the screen is not only cracked but it was stuck like it was being touched so it had rendered the computer useless.

I spent much of the next day exploring options to get the laptop fixed.  There were high points, one place said they could fix it for less than $200, phew I could swing that. And there were lows, other places said it will probably cost more to fix it than I had spent on it.

I finally reached the conclusion that it was not worth repairing…..but I was in the middle of facilitating an online book club and being without a computer was not an option.  I spend half of my week in KC with my dad so I had to have a mobile computer.

Where am I going to get the $600 to replace it?

After discussing it with the farmer (my husband), he told me I just needed to buy a new computer, “I am sure we will figure something out,” he said.  About that time the door bell rang and he left.

I continued to stew about having to spend the money on a new computer…..

30 minutes later the farmer walked in with a check in hand.  He handed it to me and said, “Here you go, here is the money for your new computer!”

He then headed back out the door saying, “God always gives us what we need.  He just bought your computer for you!”

The man at the door had stopped by to see if my husband had anymore alfalfa seed.  He had bought some from him a few years ago and just thought he would see if there was still some available.  The check was for seed which had been sitting in the shed for almost 3 years.

The check was for $600.00.

I sat down almost in tears.  “Man, Lord, why do I continue to do anything besides trust you?” I spent a few minutes just praising our most gracious Lord for His continual faithfulness!

Whatever you are experiencing in life, no matter what transition it might be, NEVER forget God Comes Through In Big Ways!

Please share below an experience where God came through in a BIG Way for you.  I am looking forward to praising the Lord for His faithfulness to you too!






Find Yourself Having the “I want its?”

Psalm 103:2 is a great reminder.

Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits,

There is always something better out there!

How content are you?  Stuff can make contentment difficult!  Most of the time once we buy something new, be it big~like a house or car, or small~like a new phone or computer, we begin to notice all the other things like it around us.  Our friend’s house has a great wrap around porch we always wanted or the newest model of phone was just released and it does cool stuff ours doesn’t.  Our hearts struggle with being content.  When you find yourself having the “I want its” try counting your blessings.  We are blessed with so much it is really mind blowing when we think about it.  Even if you don’t have half the stuff you want if you have a saving knowledge of our Lord then you have everything you can ever need!


      Peggy is a 51 year old divorce mom with two adult    children  that are married, and have three beautiful  grandchildren.  The  hardest transition she has  experienced was from being  divorce and becoming  single again.  She went quickly from a  family living off  85 to 90 thousand dollars a year to living off a poverty level salary.  She reports that she made many mistakes during her transition.  She was not attending church, was bitter, negative, and heading down a road to destruction. But then she foundHOPE!


What was the most difficult part of your transition?

The change in our financial status and never having enough money to pay everyone.

What do you think was most helpful for you to move into the hope and peace you were needing?

I needed to seek God’s forgiveness for my sins against a holy God.  My sister got me to go to church and the Pastor’s message was just what I needed to hear.  I found myself crying out to God for grace, mercy, an forgiveness for how I had lived my life and asked him to restore me and teach me how to be content with my circumstances

I found that even though my husband did not love me, God loved me more than anything.  That was the turning point for restoration in my life.  That was the restoration in my life.  I turned from the sinful life I was living and became content with being a single mom.

I still struggled financially, but recently after taking Financial Peace University I have learned that everything I have belongs to the Lord.  I went into this class thinking things were hopeless that I would never see light at the end of the tunnel but walking away knowing that it is a process and there are certain things I need to have in place in order to be successful. I am working toward my $1,000.00 emergency fund, and then I will work on my debt snowball and once I get that knocked out I will go into the next phase moving toward financial success.

Was there a special verse that the Lord used to encourage you during this time?

I think of 2 Corinthians 4:16 and Psalms 138:3 as verses that encouraged me and gave me strength during this time.

2Corinthians 4:16 “Therefore we do not lose heart.  Even though our outward man is perishing, yet the inward man is being renewed day by day. “

Psalm 138:3 “In the day when I cried out, You answered me, and made me bold with strength in my soul.”

How did your faith grow from this transition time in your life?

I learned that even though my marriage may not have turned out as  I had hoped for, that mortal men are going to let me down, but God always has my best interest at heart.  No one can ever love me or care for me as Jesus did.  The ultimate sacrifice was done at Calvary when Jesus laid his life down on the Old rugged cross for a sinner such as I.

What would you like someone in the middle of a similar transition to know?

That all is not hopeless, that is a lie of Satan.  When you find yourself struggling in life turn to a loving, faithful God to direct your path and allow him to sustain you.  Lean on other brothers and sisters in Christ to lift you up in prayer.  Don’t learn the hard way, like I did, and have your life be in a the gutter before you see the hand of a faithful and loving God.

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