Review by Rayna: Choose to THRIVE

Choose to THRIVE is a challenging book written for high-achieving women.  Debbie’s style of direct and to the point communication style is refreshing.  She openly shares her challenges and life experience in order to encourage her reader to address her own issues.

In the book Debbie shares 9 character qualities most high-achieving women possess and how they can cause problems in our lives.  I found myself relating to many of the qualities as I am sure you will too.

I enjoyed the style of Debbie’s book.  She points out the qualities, how they can cause a problem when unbalanced and then shares how she found balance in her own life.  Each chapter ends with questions to help you examine yourself and begin the process of working on finding your balance.

The chapter that impacted me the most was the one one perfectionism.  I have known that I have this character quality all my life and I have worked hard to put people  before perfection but I often still find myself struggling it and not even realizing I’m doing it.  Here is an excerpt from Debbie’s chapter addressing perfectionism.

It takes a conscious effort to step back and look at what we are asking for. Does it leave room for people, including ourselves, to do what they do best? Or does it pigeonhole them into doing things the way we think is best? Do people believe they have the latitude to take calculated risks without harsh repercussions? Do you give yourself grace when you mess up? Do you give your child grace when they don’t do as well as you think they should have?  Are we leaving room for God to work?

Perfectionism is something I have been aware of in my life for a long time.  I was challenged and encouraged by the way Debbie addressed her struggle with perfectionism.  If you consider yourself a high-achiever I’m sure that you will benefit from reading Choose to THRIVE and examining some of the inner conflicts you face.

Peace with Money? Is That Even Possible?

Life if full of transitions. All of us have had to make the transition from dependence on our parents to provide daily needs for us to growing up and needing to take care of things ourselves.

Have you ever found yourself making poor choices and ending up in trouble with money?21328336_s

I feel that my parents did a pretty good job raising me to understand hard work and money and how they go together. They also taught me to make good choices with money but when I got married I did not know how to work with someone else and managing money together.

Within 5 years we were so far in debt I did not see how in the world we would ever get out. Living pay check to pay check was our lifestyle until health concerns took one of those pay checks away. Now what?
Eventually, we took advantage of a program which helped us set up a plan with our creditors and make payments. This plan worked for us but it took 5 years to pay off all the debt at $800 er month. Paying this long meant we paid a lot of interest and struggled for a long time.
Since that time I have had the honor of facilitating Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University 23 times. I have lived debt free and in peace with money for 15 years now. I love the opportunity to help other people find peace in their life while dealing with money.

Here are 4 Things I have learned from FPU to do in order to find peace with money

1. Decide ahead of time

The key to having peace with money is deciding before the money ever makes it into your hands. If you do not give every dollar a name it will disappear. Spending just a little time head of payday determining what you need to do with each and every dollar will make a big difference in how far it goes.

2. Use cash

Convenience has dominated our culture today. I found myself without cash in my wallet for weeks at a time. I just used my debit card. I was not creating debt but I was also not in control of my spending.

3. Embrace the truth that it is not yours

God owns it all. One short sentence packed with so much truth and challenge to our normal thought process. Everything that we work hard for is still a all His. We were chosen to manage that which He has given us. Learning to live this way changes the way we use money.

4. Never stop giving

Even when money is tight it is important to not stop giving to others. Staying others focused helps us to make better decisions with our money. Holding tightly to the money will cause you have a clenched fist which will prevent more money from being able to get into your hand. Learning to hold it loosely because you understand it is not yours anyway changes how it comes and goes in your life.


Each of these life changing lessons I have learned came from Financial Peace. Embracing these concepts have truly helped me learn to live in peace with money. By living debt free I have had opportunities to make life changes that I have felt lead to make. The freedom to follow callings of the Lord is priceless.

How have you learned to handle money? What would you like to do differently?

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