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      An unexpected life.  Isn’t that what all of us live?  As a young girl I had many dreams and even more plans.  Unexpected is the perfect description of what my life has been and something tells me you would probably say the same thing.

As we grow up, we dream of the perfect husband, house and number of kids to complete our family but what do we do when life turns out nothing like or even only partly like our dream?    Michele Cushatt’s latest book Undone is an amazingly written memoir of her unexpected life and how she has learned to embrace it.

I am an avid reader but I have to say I cannot remember the last time I read a book which impacted my heart and mind as much as Undone.

Michele’s vulnerability and transparency is an amazing blessing.  She not only tells of the events of her unexpected life but shares her heart of both struggle and acceptance through it.  Her ability to show God’s hand and will in the middle of the mess is just what my heart needed.

It was a blessing to hear how Michele struggled through an unwanted divorce, the blessing of a remarriage at the same time the challenges of step parenting, blending a family, battling cancer and then adopting 3 high needs children.  None of these events were her dream but through the journey she sees how each of them were God’s plan for her.

Michele reminds us that in the thick of life we have to remember that God is good.  He is there with us.  He can see what we can not and He calls us to trust Him.  Learning to take a step back and see the big picture is an awesome gift which will encourage our heart like so few other things will.

In the final pages of her book I find one of my favorite quotes:

“I’m undone.  Hungry, questioning, searching, struggling.  Not even close to polished and pristine.  But I’m breathing.  And believing. And loving this crazy, unexpected, and imperfect life.”

Is not this the words of all of our hearts?


Undone is a MUST read!  I know it will bless, encourage, challenge and infuse hope in your hearts as it did in mine.

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But I don’t want to be alone Lord!

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Divorce, this can’t be your will?

I married while still in college and sadly enough my husband struggled with a sexual addiction and just did not find the desire to be healed and live a life of committed marriage.  So the marriage ended after 10 years and multiple affairs.

The end would bring a new beginning right? I did not want to be single now what?

I had not dated much before meeting my ex-husband and here I was in my early 30’s and having to start all over again. After praying and praying and even trying to bargain some I still had not met a guy.  Not a single date.

I want to have someone to share life with, Lord, Please!

I kept feeling the Lord telling me I needed to get outside my comfort zone and put myself out there.  So I joined a dating service.

12 first dates and then there was Ron

Each month the dating service would call me with a new name and a little information about a person.  We usually talked on the phone and then would meet for dinner.  I talked with 14 guys went out one time with 12 of them and  I was feeling frustrated and discouraged.

The Lord and I had many conversations about this process.

I knew I was doing my part but I was still alone. Then I was matched with Ron.

Ron, the farmer

Our first date was amazing.  We hit it off so well we stayed up all night talking in the parking lot of the restaurant.  By the end of the date I concluded I am really interested in getting to know this man better.

But we have 3 major challenges:  he is Catholic and I am Baptist, he had 4 kids (I would need to win over) and he farmed 90 miles away from where my Sylvan was located.

5 years later

We still had the same challenges but we had fallen deeply in love and felt confident God had brought us together.  We would not change how we express our faith, we both worshiped the same Lord and Savior we just expressed it differently so we support each other in those expressions.  I have won over the kids on most days.  They know I love their dad and see our relationship as a good thing for him.

Now what to do about work?  We felt so blessed to have each other but it was still complicated.   So we took the plunge.  We became man and wife……

Married and Living Apart

I kept my place and called it the Winter House. We worked on making his house our home and called it the Summer House.  I wanted the individual homes to transition into ours, not his and mine, so we used these fun nick names.

I worked 4 days a week and stayed at the Winter House and then went home to the Summer House 3 days a week.  We had Tuesday nights as our date night each week.

It worked.  At least for a while.

We continued to seek what the Lord had for us and frankly I was excited to see how the Lord was going to solve this challenge.  Little did I know that solving this situation would lead to one of the biggest transitions in my life?  I will share that in another post.

I am so thankful the Lord gave me my farmer.  Being his wife has blessed me beyond my imagination!

 Do you see your spouse as the answer to prayer you prayed to our Lord for?


Everything has already been decided. It was known long ago what each person would be. So there’s no use arguing with God about your destiny.

Ecclesiastes 6:10


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