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Facing a new season of your life?

New job, move to a new town or job, newly divorced, or even newly married?

Life if full of change.

Coaching can help!

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Dissatisfied with your job but not sure how to find a new one or even change careers?

Though you thought this job would be the perfect fit for you it might not be.  Exploring what else you can do with your experience and training can help you love your job.

Recently remarry and now trying to blend your family?

Starting a new marriage with kids and exs can be a challenge.  Step parenting can be tough.  Negotiating all these new relationships can take allot of time to develop and intentional steps to building the family you want.

 Coaching with Rayna can be just what you need to find:

  • clarity in this transition

  • discover the hope that this new transition can actually be a new start to the life you always wanted

  • find peace even in the middle of this time of your life

Let's talk about how you can find hope when life stinks!

Need a speaker to make your meeting worth attending?

I enjoy being able to speak to groups on a variety of subjects.  Some of my favorite subjects are Mindset, Learning Styles and Spiritual topics.


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