A Season of Caring

As a daughter, a season of caring for an aging parent can be a challenge.  I would love to be here to support you in this season.  I am offering some chats to get acquainted and I have some blog posts you might find helpful.  If you would like to talk more please just email me and we will connect as soon as we can.

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Loving Beyond

Loving BeyondHave you had the experience of going way beyond what you imagined you could?When I was in High School I played Volleyball🏐 and I will never forget the workouts. My Freshman year I was sure I would die. No joke.We ran, threw up and ran some more.  I adored my coach but she pushed me physically beyond what I could ever...

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Caregiver, You are an Advocate

The word advocate brings up different feelings in different people.  I seem to have deeply inborn need to stand up to injustice, especially for those who have no voice of their own.  My sister, on the other hand, is drawn with compassion to the person hurting. The two of us made a great team in helping my Dad as he was no longer able to speak...

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Caregiving During the Holidays

Being a family caregiver during the holidays might mean long time traditions have to change.  As both my parents Alzheimer’s disease progressed, we found they were unable to celebrate the holidays in the same ways that our family had in the past. Mom became anxious when she was around a lot of people, so we found we had to stay home more.  Dad...

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A Grateful Heart Makes Caregiving Easier

The practice of giving thanks can impact your entire life. Scripture tells us in 1 Timothy 4:4 "For everything God created is good, and nothing is to be rejected if it is received with thanksgiving,"  Learning to receive everything with thanksgiving is difficult but very important. While caring for my dad I found gratitude to be a VERY...

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Saying Goodbye to My Daddy

Saying Goodbye to My Daddy I had been praying for over a year now that when it was time for Dad to say Good-bye I would be able to stop fighting for him and let him go. I’m a fighter you know, I have always been that way, I’m convinced God made me that way.  I wanted to be ready to let Dad go so I would not bring him undue...

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What interesting thing are you going to do with your lemons?

You have heard it said, that when life gives you lemons just make lemonade.  I found this quote by Maya Angelou and I like it even better, after all I love lemon pie. Back on topic.... It seems that some people find it easier to make something of the lemons of life than others do. Lemon meringue pie, lemon bars, lemon shortbread...

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3 Things I’m Learning About Me by Caring for My Dad

3 Things I'm Learning About Me by Caring for My Dad   13 years ago my dad called me while I was at work.  He said, “Rayna, I’m worried.  I think something is wrong with my memory.”  My response was, "Oh dad, don’t worry about it.  We don’t’ know what normal aging looks like.  I’m sure you’re fine." He lost his parents before the age of 60...

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5 Lessons I Learned from My Mom

      When did your mom become one of the smartest people you know?  Isn't it funny how when we were growing up it felt as if there was so much she just didn't understand?  When did you realize you were becoming just like her? Transitioning into an adult can be challenging and complicated.  I think one of the sweetest parts is when we are able...

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