My Blog is named unearthingHope because sometimes it takes some digging to find.  I started writing unearthingHope to share my journey of faith and hope through many, many though life transitions. Finding clarity in my faith, led to hope even in the most difficult...

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Saying Goodbye to My Daddy

Saying Goodbye to My Daddy I had been praying for over a year now that when it was time for Dad to say Good-bye I would be able to stop fighting for him and let him go. I’m a fighter you know, I have always been that way, I’m convinced God made me that way.  I wanted to be...

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Saying Goodbye to My Daddy
Review by Rayna

Review by Rayna: Why her?

Why Her?  :6 Truths We Need to Hear When Measuring Up Leaves Us Falling Behind Comparison seems to be a natural state for us.  We often find ourselves comparing ourselves to others without even realizing that is what we are doing.  Questions like, “Why Her, Lord?” “Must be nice!” “Why Never...

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Review by Rayna:  Why her?
Growing in Faith

How Are You Being Made Perfect?

  I often say God gave me curly hair to remind me every morning how little control I really have in life.   I love my curly hair, I really do.  I just want it to curl perfectly the same on both sides.  Is that asking for too much?  Yep, yep it is.  (So I decided if I make both sides...

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How Are You Being Made Perfect?
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