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40 Days of Decrease

A Different Kind of Hunger.  A Different Kind of Fast.

An invitation to enter into Lent in a new way.  Join us for a Book Chat and Facebook Community as we journey through 40 Days of Decrease.

$20 to purchase your book and join the group or just $10 if you already have your book.

When you sign up you will receive:

  • Your choice of a Kindle or soft cover book
  • a daily email to accompany your daily reading
  • an invitation to join in a conversation with others in our Facebook Private Group
  • a chance to meet live one time on Facebook to chat with others from the community

 Beginning Feb. 14th

Don’t miss out on this life-changing Lent.

Feel free to contact me with any questions

Book Study & Facebook Community

About the Author

Alicia Britt CholeWhether in person or in print, Dr. Alicia Britt Chole’s voice carries an invitation to walk with God anew. A former atheist, her love for God and His Word overflows to bring ancient truth to life. Alicia is an international speaker, an author of a dozen books and bible studies, a seasoned mentor, and the founding director of Leadership Investment Intensives, Inc, a non-profit devoted to providing personal soul-care to leaders in the marketplace and church. Her book, Anonymous: Jesus’ Hidden Years and Yours, is highly regarded by leaders and learners around the globe. Alicia and her husband of 25 years joyfully parent their three extraordinary children in a country home off of a dirt road surrounded by loads of laundry, laughter, and love.

About 40 Days of Decrease: A Differnt Kind of Hunger.  A Different Kind of Fast.

“What are you giving up for Lent?” we are asked. Our minds begin to whirl: Chocolate? Designer coffee? Social media? Forty days later, some feel disappointed in their efforts (it was a limited-time blend . . . ), some feel surprised by their success (didn’t even miss it . . . ), but perhaps precious few feel spiritually renewed.

Can such fasts alone truly prepare us to celebrate Easter? Or any other chosen time of reflection during the year?  Or could it be that before we can be duly awed by resurrection, we need to daily honor crucifixion?

40 Days of Decrease emphasizes a different type of fast. What if you or your church fasted comparison? What if your family fasted accumulation? What if your office fasted gossip?

40 Days of Decrease guides readers through a study of Jesus’ uncommon and uncomfortable call to abandon the world’s illusions, embrace His kingdom’s reality, and journey cross-ward and beyond.

Each daily, 1000-word entry will include

  • a devotional based on Jesus’ cross-ward life;
  • a reflection question to guide journaling or group discussion;
  • a fast to inspire a tangible response;
  • a thought-provoking Lenten quote;
  • a sidebar into the historical development of Lent.

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Free Book Study & Facebook Community

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